We All Make Mistakes

Everyone in the world we call Earth makes mistakes and messes up sometimes. I myself have made plenty of bad decisions. At one time of my life I just kept making mistakes after mistakes. I had this amazing boyfriend. He meant the world to me. We did everything together. He became good friends with my friends and I became good friends with his friends. Which may not of been a good thing. I became really close to my boyfriends best friend. We sometimes hung out without my boyfriend which was fine at first. Then one night he started texting me inappropriate things. He should not have been doing this to his best friends girlfriend. He was sexting me and sending me photos. At first it was really weird and I didn’t know what to do. I should have told my boyfriend immediately, but his friend begged me not to tell him, so I didnt. That is when the problem started and if I would’ve told my boyfriend maybe we would still be together today. This kind of behavior in him lasted a few weeks. He asked to come to my house one day and asked if anyone was home. I replied with saying no one was home and he could come over if he wanted to. That was my first mistake. When he arrived we talked for a while. I sat on my bed and then he went to the bathroom. About 3 minutes later he returned to my room butt naked. I had never been more shocked in my life. I didn’t know what to do. He called this the “Naked Man”. Also known and seen in the television show ‘How I Met Your Mother’. He walked over to me and started kissing me. For some reason I didnt and couldnt stop myself. He was just so attractive but looking back to this day today I should have stopped myself and I wish I would have. We fooled around some and after he left I hated myself. I thought to myself “What did I just do?” I talked to my two closest friends about it. One thought I should tell my boyfriend and the other told me to do what I thought was best. Of course I wanted to tell my boyfriend but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I couldn’t break his heart anymore than I already had in the past. My boyfriend only had a few people he was close to him. Two of them being me and his best friend I had sex with. I didn’t want him to lose either of us. Over time I started to feel more and more guilty. I talked to my friends about it and my boyfriends bestfriend. Of course he didn’t want me to tell my boyfriend because he would be pissed at both of us about it. As time passed I couldn’t handle dating him anymore. This one bad decision I made ruined our relationship. I broke up with him a few months later. He always thought I broke up with him for this other guy which wasnt true although I said it was. He was mad, upset, and depressed. Deep down I knew it was because I had sex with his best friend and I couldn’t live with the guilt anymore. I knew that when he found out he would break up with me. When I broke up with him I still didn’t tell him the truth. Eventually he did find out from his friend and he did confront me about it. I didnt say much because it is really hard to think and talk about. I did mess up multiple times in this relationship but this time was the absolute worst. But They are still friends today which I am very thankful for. I would rather him loose me than him since they have known each other a lot longer. People always say “Bros before Hoes”. His friend clearly didnt listen to that bro code.

The song “Everybody Makes Mistakes” by Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) is a perfect example of how everyone does make mistakes. You cant always be perfect. In fact no one is perfect. Even though you make mistakes you have to try and do your best to make sure you live your life everyday to the fullest no matter how many times you have to try to make something right.